This is the most exciting part!

After the photoshoot I always go back to my computer to look at them one by one. I select the best of the best images and those will receive a SIGNATURE EDIT.

Usually, I am so excited to show you the images that I can't wait for the reveal so I "sneak peek" you one! (The image will come with a referral voucher that can help you get free images, learn more about it here.)

The rest will be saved for me to present to you at the reveal because digital does not do photography justice.

I want to present to you printed gallery matted images worthy of legacy. I value prints. I value sharing who we are proudly. My hope is that when you see yourself face to face you will fall in love with yourself once again. I want you to see not only the beauty but the strength, the courage and the boldness it takes to be yourself.

760.909.7040 | 1207 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite U, Carlsbad, San Diego, California | IG: @herasandcompany

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