Depending on the type of photoshoot we are setting up and depending on the location we will at some point address the matter of the posing. I find that having a clear visual of what we are working towards will make the day of the shoot much easier for both of us.

In the photoshoot we will move slowly and with intension, we will build from one pose to another to use our time efficiently. I will guide you and move you to assure the camera sees the right angles.

The posing goes hand in hand with expression, in fact, it's the finishing touch to the pose. I like to begin with a kind relaxed face that holds a smile in the eyes. Slowly move into a tiny, little pull of the lips that barely gives off a hint of a smile and moving into a full expression of joy. This is a really simple task but performing it for someone else can sometimes feel awkward. Not to worry, I participate in all of it with you. I will serve as a mirror and a breathing coach.

It's normal to freeze but if you allow me, I will bring to the surface a confident woman.

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