First and foremost, understand that the art of photography lies in the development of the image. We used to take the picture, develop the film, experiment with the print and develop with solutions. All of these steps have been replaced by digital editing. Although I definitely miss the process that film brings to the table, I love the freedom that photoshop gives us to create and manipulate an image to bring to reality our vision. My signature edit is a very simple one:

1. I remove anything that is temporary and or distracting to the main subject. If there is anything that you are worried about, you let me know and we can talk about how to best approach it. Acne, bruises...etc.

2. I balance the highlights and the shadows for the perfect balance of light according to the mood of the shoot.

3. I apply an airbrushed coat of concealer and foundation, if necessary. I clean up the whites in the eyes, darken the eye frame and apply lashes, if necessary. I aim for a natural look that emphasizes features.

4. Lastly, the image will go through an ALIEN SKIN layer to give the image a specific tone we are looking for.

The edit allows me to express the true inspiration of an image, it's like painting to me. I spend several hours editing my portfolios because I want you to love every image you take home.

760.909.7040 | 1207 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite U, Carlsbad, San Diego, California | IG: @herasandcompany

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