Seductive Boudoir always takes me back to my wedding night. I had a nice sexy outfit prepared and we both knew what was bound to happen that night. I sneaked into the bathroom to throw on the lingerie and I found myself pacing back and forth in the I just come out there in my revealing outfit?! I nervously thought of how to make this night better than all the other nights we have had together. I had purchased him a fancy watch but that was not a very attractive transition. That night I wish I would have had a black box full of images that he could open as I dressed. That is the night the Seductive Boudoir box was deemed necessary for me.

The art of seduction is a real thing. It begins way before any of the clothes come off. There's the initial catching of the eyes, the uncontainable smile, the way you move and most importantly the light you carry.

We often begin this series of images in a full outfit that slowly begins to unveil the sensual woman underneath. We want to create images that are impactful and beautiful but most of all images that are going to keep him wanting more. I believe every single woman has a siren side or a coquette side, perhaps more of a natural tease or a charmer, regardless of what fascinating character shows up...half the fun is in bringing her out.

In the consultation I share with you 30-40 posing cards for you to see what the poses will look like, I find that the more you know about the session the more the nerves subside. Sure, the result is a beautiful black box for your significant other but the process should be for you to discover and embrace that side of you that is often denied. Carlsbad, Boudoir, photography, Heras & Company Photography, Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Sessions, Photography sessions, sexy photos, boudoir photographer, boudoir photographer Carlsbad, boudoir photographer San Diego, Boudoir Photographer Orange Country, Maternity Photographer Irvine, Esmeralda Heras, Maternity Photographer San Clemente, Bodoir photographer, boudor photographer, Budoir Photographer, Photographer, San Diego Photographer, San Diego Photography, Carlsbad Photographer, Carlsbad Photography, Carlsbad RomanticPhotography, Bedroom Photographer, Photographer 92008, confidence boost, fine art boudoir, seductive boudoir, boduir, bodoir, budoir,

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene goes into each style of seduction, purchase the book to find out more of what your style of seduction is.

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