Fine Art Boudoir usually requires a certain amount of skill to create. It is usually on a different level creatively speaking. Fine Art will usually much more imaginative and or intellectual. My personal view of Fine Art Boudoir is more along the lines of romantic nudes. Nude in a beautiful and strong pose or soft and stoic.

Fine Art Boudoir in my opinion is much more insinuated sex appeal versus fully exposed, although it can definitely lead there. Fine Art usually has more of a theme that you are trying to create and take to the next level of photography. It is much more personal and artistic, It is a portrait that will remain a beautiful classic for the rest of your life.

Some of my favorite Fine Art photoshoots are the 1920's flapper style boudoir portraits, see below. I am very passionate about the sexuality that was exuded by the roaring 20's. The idea of being liberated and being fully free of inhibitions thrills me, and although I may be romancing the era, there is nothing like dark lips and flirtatious materials to expose the sensual woman inside.

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