A confidence boost boudoir photoshoot is for anyone who is stepping up to another level and wants to celebrate and own everything that she is. But it's also for the woman who is in a rut. We have all been there, the heaviness from what we have been carrying along has got us down and it's time to take all of it off and bare a new you.

I remember being 25 years old and a breakup was the last straw that broke the camels back. My world collapsed. I had forgotten who I was, what I wanted and the power that I carried within me. After many moons, I stood up and realized I had to do something. I had to find myself. This seemed like such an overwhelming project. I began searching about creating a new life, reading everything about manifestation and everything lead me to new habits and new thinking but when I looked in the mirror, I still saw the same girl. I needed a new vision of myself.

The confidence boost boudoir photoshoot is meant to empower your new vision. A woman who is capable, who is daring, who is beautiful. A woman who cannot be stopped, who cannot be held down and will stop at nothing to bring herself back to life. It is not about the clothes, it is not about the things we own, it is about everything that I am when I have nothing. If you are seeking to meet with a new version of yourself, this is the photoshoot for you!

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3 books I recommend when you find yourself in a rut and wanting to create a new life:

-The Law of Attraction

-The Secret

-Daring Greatly

The book recommendations are affiliated links to amazon.

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