Many people criticize the Boudoir genre of photography. Completely understandable. I've seen some demeaning and unflattering photographs that are passes as Boudoir, unfortunately, it has blurred the lines between sexy and pornographic.

I believe that the Boudoir genre should be seen as; a seduction, a work of art or a confidence boost. I'll explain.

Seductive Boudoir

The art of seduction is a real thing. It begins way before any of the clothes come off. There's the initial catching of the eyes, the uncontainable smile, the way you move and most importantly the light you carry. Seductive Boudoir is usually created with a partner in mind and results in a black book for secrecy. In order to have a beautiful result that satisfies what you were imaging we will plan the entire book before the shoot so that we both know exactly what we are getting into, I find that knowing in advances eases the nerves.

Fine Art Boudoir | Romantic Boudoir

Fine Art Boudoir usually requires a certain amount of skill to create. It is usually on a different level creatively speaking. Fine Art will usually much more imaginative and or intellectual. My personal view of Fine Art Boudoir is more along the lines of romantic nudes. Nudes in a beautiful and strong pose or soft and stoic.

Confidence Boost Boudoir

A confidence boost boudoir photoshoot is for anyone is who is stepping up to another level and wants to celebrate and own everything that she is But it's also for the woman who is in a rut. We have all been there, the heaviness from what we have been carrying along has got us down and it's time to take all of it off and bare a new you.

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